I am a fan of traditional roguelike games. Therefore, I have some software projects related to the genre, which are detailed in this page.

Most of this code can be found in a CVS repository hosted at

The Dgamelaunch-OpenBSD fork

Dgamelaunch is a widely used game launcher, used by enthusiasts to host games online. It allows players to connect to servers using SSH or telnet and play terminal games over the Internet.

Since the original dgamelaunch seems to be abandoned, I am hosting a friendly fork in my website. My development platform is the OpenBSD operating system, so my version is specifically tailored to it. Still, it is supposed to be compatible with other BSD Operating Systems and with Linux.

A demo server running dgamelaunch-openbsd can be found at ssh:// The service’s password would be Yendor.

The ISRUN-patched early-roguelike collection

The original Rogue, has been kept alive by John “Elwin”, who operates the website. Here, you will find Rogue’s source code (alongside the the source code of other antique games) and a server for playing them online.

Elwin has done an amazing job ensuring that the game still runs in modern Operating Systems. His collection includes versions 3, 4 and 5 of Rogue. As of today, I consider the versions in this collection to be the reference implementations of the game. I encourage every roguelike fan to visit his site.

That said, Elwin’s code is affected by the ISRUN bug. This means that versions 4 and 5 of Rogue are harder to beat because monsters always get a sneak attack bonus against the player, for every attack they make. There are reasons why Elwin has chosen to leave this bug in the code, but I myself prefer to play without it.

For this reason, I maintain a friendly fork of Elwin’s collection, with the ISRUN bug patched out.

A patched version of Rogue V5 is available for download.

Brogue for OpenBSD

Brogue is a very visual roguelike.

I host a patched version adapted to OpenBSD. Actually, the original code runs fine on OpenBSD, but my version includes some patches for leveraging some capabilities of this Operating System.