IRC Bots for the Grab

I have uploaded some simple IRC bots to my gopherhole. Feel free to check them out.


RelayBot is a program that bridges two IRC channels (that may be located on different IRC networks). Every message posted in one of the channels will be posted by the bot in the other, and vice versa. Very useful for allowing people in different networks to sustain a conversation.


RSSBot is a program that follows RSS and Atom feeds and posts updates on an IRC channel periodically. You could subscribe your RSSBot to a digital journal, and the bot would inform the users of a given IRC channel of any update published in such website.

Current design is not very robust and may miss some articles due to clock misadjustments and connectivity issues.


DiceBot is a toy for RPG players. It may be commanded to throw dice using standard RPG notation and the bot will give a public result.