Wordgrinder Patches for the Grab

Wordgrinder is a console document editor by David Given.

I have developed two patches for my own use. I tried to get them merged upstream, but the author of the original software does not seem to be reachable.

The first patch solves an issue regarding the Document Management Menu. This menu lists a series of keyboard commands for accomplishing common tasks (renaming a document, creating a document). The list provided by the menu consists on UPPERCASE letters (“X” for deleting a document, for example). However, original Wordgrinder accepts only lowercase keys (ie: “x”). My patch makes it so UPPERCASE letters are accepted instead of the lowercase ones.

The second patch fixes a problem when loading existing documents from a file. Original Wordgrinder will consider that any newly loaded document has been “changed”, so if you open a Wordgrinder document, read it without changing it, and then attempt to close Wordgrinder, the program will complain because you are trying to exit without saving a changed document.

The patches, alsongside Slackware and OpenBSD packages for the patched version (amd64 architecture) are available in my gopher site.