Hedgewars Slackbuild is updated to version 0.9.25

I am pleased to announce that the Hedgewars Slackbuild, which I maintain, has been recently updated. Hedgewars is an artillery game in which players take turns in order to move their hedgehogs and blast their enemies using all sort of crazy weapons. The Slackbuild I have recently updated is just a build script that allows end users to easily make a Slackware package out of the source code of the game and install a functional version of the software.

Slackbuilds such as this can be easily used in conjunction with automated package managers, such as sbotools, in order to administrate the software installed in a Slackware system through a ports-like interface.

The new Hedgewars version features many interesting changes. For gamers, the new version makes some changes in the in-game weapons, including some removals (bye-bye, rubber duck), a new team ranking system, more hedgehog taunts and many bugfixes. Check it out!